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pink heroes

A rosegold charm graces the metallic pink invisibobble®. Elegantly engraved is the international sign of breast cancer awareness, the pink ribbon.

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We made your vote count!

Lots of charities all over the world get involved with the topic of breast cancer. This year invisibobble® fans had a voice! From August to September our fans voted for the charity they care for the most. We are very happy to announce that we will be donating 20,000 € to the charity with the most votes: Brustkrebs Deutschland. Congratulations!


Breast Cancer International

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Breast Cancer International is a uK based charity set up to help women to gain medical treatment for breast cancer in world’s poorest communities, with a focus on the third world.

Anna Dailly and her friend Dr Robert Warr who is a plastic surgeon with a special interest in breast reconstruction decided to create a totally self funded charity focused on women in countries where breast cancer treatment and breast reconstruction expertise are scarce.

Charity Aims
An increasing number of early detection and prevention programs as well as more technologically up-to-date cancer centers and trained health care professionals, oncologists, and oncology nurses for improved cancer control in the third world.


Brustkrebs Deutschland

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Founded by renate Haidinger in 2003, Brustkrebs Deutschland’s mission is to create an organisation where doctors, patients, relatives, and unconcerned persons work equally together.

The initiative offers a variety of information channels as for example video interviews with leading experts, live streams of international congresses, email newsletters, print materials, a breast cancer telephone, information events, an emergency aid fond and much more.

Charity Aims
Brustkrebs Deutschland aims at increasing breast cancer awareness and improving cancer prevention and early recognition by providing profound information about the possibility for fault finding and surgeries as well as state-of-the-art consultation and help. Furthermore, the focus is on advanced education for doctors and the fostering of independent research.


Lolly’s Locks

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Lolly’s Locks is a nonprofit organization that provides high-quality wigs to cancer patients in need.

Hair loss is one of the most psychologically detrimental side-effects of cancer. High-quality wigs can cost thousands of dollars, and are typically not covered by insurance.

Charity Aims
Lolly’s Locks seeks to ensure that affected women receive a wig that is personalized to them in order to maintain dignity, normalcy, and privacy in their lives despite the traumatic effects of cancer.



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Abandoning a patient’s role of a victim – that’s what Mamazone fights for.

Mamazone was founded in 1999 by the former breast cancer patient Ursula Goldmann-Posch. Her vision was the empowerment of patients by providing profound breast cancer background information. Not only patients and their relatives but also doctors, nurses, scientists, pharmacists, health insurance funds and many more are welcome to join the platform ‘Selbshilfegruppe Plus’.

Charity Aims

The organisation wants to build a bridge between patients and medicines as well as research. Mamazone aims at providing women with information about breast cancer and treatment options. This enables patients to understand and actively co-determine their therapy.

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